Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekday Vegetarians

As part of being a bit greener of a family and being a bit healthier*, baby daddy and I decided to trial being weekday vegetarians**. There is a TED video on this and will give you all sorts of stats on how much “greener” you will be and why it’s better for your body, etc, etc:

* When I say that we are trying to be healthier, I warn all of you in advance that baby daddy is a lover of full fat, full sodium recipes (or modifications). He claims that the healthier a product is presenting themselves to be, the less it is for you. I think there is some truth to that, but after having a baby I do believe that some moderation is necessary!

** Also to be noted, that we are modified vegetarians, sometimes vegans, but we are okay with fish and seafood in general along with eggs and dairy. Wikipedia tells me that we are semi-vegetarians. So, let it be known that there will be weekday “vegetarian” recipes on here that aren’t exactly peachy keen with the, what I will call, vegetarian purists.

For the first recipe I post, I will direct you to a perfect winter recipe with a broth base (it calls for a chicken broth base, but we substituted vegetable broth) and is made heartier with the two types of squash. It is quite delicious without the croutons, but if you are wanting to impress the socks off someone, add the croutons. Trust me! Mmmm, I can't wait until the next time I get to eat some of this soup: Winter Squash Soup with Gruyère Croutons.

Hope you all enjoy. Until next week,



  1. that soup was super duper yummy! thanks so much for serving it at your dinner party!

  2. I enjoyed the description of "baby daddy" :) (I realize for the blog that it's best for him to be nameless) I look forward to a 4+1 board game and dinner night when I return :D

  3. Thanks ladies! And thanks to everyone else for the support. Also, if you come up with a better name for baby daddy please let me know. Yay for boardgames when you come home - yay just for you coming home...sometime!