Friday, February 25, 2011

What's your number?

Hi everyone!

It's been a while, I know, but I have been super busy with writing a paper on the childbearing experience of teratogens from a nursing perspective and then spent a week in Alberta helping with the wedding for my brother and new sister-in-law (Yay, new family!). Proud to say that I actually finished their cake even though I thought I'd have plenty of time with people all around my Mom's house, but instead baby and I were alone most of the week and as their house isn't baby-proofed, so I had to be around the little bean 24/7 (We may or may not have had an incident where she crawled off the bed and bumped her head, ouch!). Anyway, here is a picture for those of you that aren't friends with me on Facebook (of the cake that is!):

So, what's this about numbers? I came across this site yesterday called Skin Deep. I'm pretty sure I had been shown it a few years back, if not the same one, it was very similar. I like to think that the products I use on the baby are relatively safe as far as products come. But the first thing I searched was the baby shampoo/body wash. While I have been told that Burt's Bees is now owned by Revlon, I like to think that it's still a relatively safe formula. I took some pictures yesterday and categorized them into what I use, the baby uses and what I used to use. I thought it would be interesting to see what the numbers are for what products I used to use and what I believe to be better and what the toxic number are. So, I'll begin with the baby stuff:


Detergents and medication aren't actually listed on the Skin Deep site (I did assume that since I wash diapers with these detergents and they touch babies skin it might be on there!), but here is a list of all the other products:
Total score of products I use on baby = 4.75/10

This puts me in the category of exposing my baby to a moderate amount of chemicals in the few products I use for her. Yikes!

Okay, this picture represents what I used to use and we'll see if my score has gone down by me using less products with the knowledge of what I assume to be healthier because of advertising and packaging.

My total =  5.58/10

I thought my number would actually be a lot higher. Though it might be as I used to use a lot of nail polish, lots of other makeup, glittery hairspray, etc. Thinking about it, this number isn't much higher than the baby's.

Okay, so this is the majority of the products I use now. I have obviously cut out a lot, (the deodorant I use isn't listed, but I also use the Baby Daddy concoction of vodka or rum with essential oils [naturally antibacterial and actually works great for daily use - not for exercising though]). Here goes my new smaller list of products:
My total number = 3.56/10

Wow!! I am actually amazed at this number difference and now I am feeling disappointed that my little baby's is more than a full point higher. I am thinking I have a lot of changes to make, especially for my little girl.

How about you? Are you wondering how toxic the products are that you use on yourself or a loved one? I'd be glad to hear about anyone else's experience with this site and your toxic skin care number is. Maybe we can start a mini revolution to decrease our toxic Skin Deep levels, what say you?!

Until next time,


PS. I promised my friends on Facebook about writing about medical waste and it's half way done, just bear with me! It's actually harder to transition a paper from a specific topic and style to an informal blog style that people will want to read. Anyway, I'm working on it!

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