Thursday, May 19, 2011

What we've been up to lately

I have been so incredibly busy and am on my way back to work after having a year off to be with my little baby girl. In the middle of this, I am also trying to write a paper about the most common issues that happen to newborns while keeping up on my reading. So, what do Baby Daddy and I do? We bake...

Here is the newest cake I made:

It was a mother's day/birthday cake for my mother in law. I don't have a lot of experience with buttercream decorating, so it goes to show you how easy this cake really is to make.

Borrowed the design from i am baker (follow link for how to do the icing decoration) she has amazing ideas and you wouldn't know that she's apparently a mother of four with a brand new one, but her site keeps getting updated with new posts!

i am baker's cake is a little nicer, but I had a slightly different tip than she did. Either way, I think it worked out pretty well considering I have very little experience with buttercream decorating! Other than the sugar coma from so much icing, it was all very delicious!

The recipe for the cake itself is called Coco-Loco Chocolate Cake from the book Cakes to Dream On.

These are homemade, yes, I am very lucky to have a man who can make this deliciousness! The recipe is from Baby Daddy's book, so I can't share it on here, sorry!

Montreal Bagels they are called.

I added some cream cheese lox spread... om nom nom!!

 Then I made some sweet crème fraîche with blueberries.

This is all you need to make this deliciousness. So easy!
You start with mixing heavy cream with greek yogurt and then sprinkle the top with brown sugar.

After a few hours in the fridge.... This looks a little funky, so let's go for a close up!

It looks unappetizing, but let me tell you...

Crème fraîche + blueberries = heaven!

Best snack ever!

Full recipe can be found at The Pioneer Woman's website. I adapted the recipe slightly:

3/4 cup of Greek yogurt
3/4 cup of heavy (whipped) cream
1/4 cup of brown sugar

Whisk the yogurt and the cream together (this is what makes the crème fraîche). Sprinkle the sugar on top, cover, and let sit in your fridge for a few hours. Mix it up and throw in some berries. Enjoy!

Next time I make this I am going to try it with maple syrup. Not sure what it will look like then, but I'll let you know!